What Do I Need to Bring to Buy a Car?

car-keys-new-carBeing at the point where you are ready to go to the dealership and officially buy that car you’ve been looking for is an exciting step! Getting a new set of wheel is exciting, but it can also be stressful. We want to help take away some of that stress for you. If you are ready to get that new car check out the items you will need to bring with you below.


This is something you will definitely need if you want to test drive a car and get a quote for that car. Don’t forget your license!

Current Pay Stub

A pay stub will be important if you want to get approved for an auto loan. Your credit score will be something that goes into the process of loan approval, but you will also want to show how much money you’re making in order to know how much your monthly payments can be.

Proof of Residence

This will also be a part of getting approved for a loan. A utility or cell phone bill will work great as a proof of residence document.

Insurance Card

Your car insurance information is something important to bring to the dealership so you can make sure you transfer your insurance and you are covered when you are driving your car home.

Any Trade Documents

If you currently have a car that you would like to trade-in, you can also bring any documents you have related to that. This could include a title or registration of the car as well as any documentation about your auto loan if it is not paid off.

If you remember to bring these documents to the dealership with you, it will help you speed up the process of buying your new car!

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